World Circumnavigation through the Northwest Passage 2018-2024

After my first world circumnavigation in 2013-2016, I have decided to continue the travel with the second round the world sailing. This time it is going to be longer and I will be accompanied by my partner – Ola who will support me in sailing, taking care of the boat and also will be coordinating our land expeditions. As with the previous circumnavigation, the expedition is divided into stages of different length from 10 to 63 days. The longest one is an attempt to sail though the Northwest Passage and the shortest will be sailing among beautiful islands of French Polynesia.  

If you feel like joining us and also making your dream of sailing in remote places of the world come true, you are more than welcome on board of Crystal.

The route of this expedition is as far away from the standard westward chase as only I could have imagined it. My assumption was to make it extremely interesting but at the same time not to travel in haste. That’s why we got to 6 years 😉

As said, this round the world sailing is largely a continuation of my circumnavigation in years 2013 – 2016. Continuation in a sense of learning what is interesting, far away and difficult to access. During those 3 years, I read many guidebooks and had a lot of interesting conversations with sailors on a way who often told me about places I have not heard before. In addition, some archipelagos were so beautiful and big that now I would like to spend more time there.

That is why there will be new places as well as old places but visited more mindfully.

The sailing route is from east to west. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we reach Greenland where the most difficult part of the trip begins. From Greenland to Alaska we want to get through the famous Northwest Passage. After this crossing, we sail south along the wilds coasts of Alaska, Canada, and California. In Central America, we visit MexicoEl Salvador and Costa Rica. Once we reach Ecuador, we plan a monthly stopover to explore Ecuador and Peru.

After leaving the American continents, we explore for some time Galapagos. This is where the true ocean wandering among widely scattered islands of the eastern Pacific begins! We will return to Easter Island and visit again tiny Pitcairn Island. During my visit in 2014 we were welcomed there in such a warm way!

After Pitcairn, we immerse ourselves in the Tuamotu Archipelago. It is 78 islands (mainly atolls) that are part of French Polynesia. Most of them have no airports so mass tourism does not exist. After Tuamotu we go to another hidden treasure – south of Tahiti are located very rarely visited islands of Austral. Their landscape is apparently as beautiful as heavily exploited Bora Bora. However, those who would like to explore with us famous Bora Bora do not worry – the Society Islands are also on our route 😉

Further, we will take the course up north. After the second crossing of the equator, in December 2019 we get to the US Hawaii. These islands are so deep in my imagination of tropics and in Ola’s dreams that we just have to check them out.  Then we sail to French Polynesia where we plan to spend around two years with some breaks of visiting many remote islands of Micronesia, which is also a scenic-cultural gem on our route. After crossing the Pacific and visiting Indonesia, we dock again in Australian Darwin. Since the east coast of Australia I already had the pleasure to visit during my first world circumnavigation, this time we will sail south-west from Darwin and further south to Perth. Then to the east and through Adelaide by the end of the year, we reach Hobart. In that way, after 6 years, I will close the loop around Australia on my CRYSTAL yacht. At this point, we will take a little break for some works on the yacht and return home to Poland.

In 2022 we will again sail to southern New Zealand. On the way, we plan to visit such amazing places as Macquarie Island, Campbell Island and Auckland Island. All of them are national parks where nature exists without any human intervention. After re-penetrating of Stewart Island and wonderful Fiordland, we return to French Polynesia. Then we visit the Cook IslandsNiue, Tonga, Fiji, and Vanuatu.

The year 2023 is sailing across the Solomon IslandsPapua New Guinea and the Philippines. In December after visiting Thailand we will sail to the Indian Ocean where we plan to visit Andaman, Sri Lankan, Maldives, and India. From Kochi, we head straight to the Red Sea.

In April 2024 we get to the Mediterranean Sea where we want to spend the whole summer season.

The end of the cruise is planned for November 2024 in Lisbon. The entire route is about 62000 Mm.

All those who want to get an adventure of their on the edge of the world, we warmly welcome to join us on board on some of the cruises! Just check the cruisescontact us and join us!

Michał and Ola

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